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1 someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold [syn: trader, bargainer, monger]
2 a firm engaged in trading
3 a seller of illicit goods; "a dealer in stolen goods"
4 the major party to a financial transaction at a stock exchange; buys and sells for his own account [syn: principal]
5 the person who distributes the playing cards in a card game

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  1. One who deals things, especially automobiles; a middleman.
    That used car dealer gave me a great deal on my 1962 rusted-out Volkswagen bug!
  2. One who peddles illicit drugs, especially to teenagers.
  3. A particular type of stock broker or trader.
  4. The person who deals the cards in a card game.


one who deals things, especially automobiles
one who peddles illicit drugs, especially to teenagers
a particular type of stock broker or trader
the person who deals the cards in a card game

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Mafioso, Wall Streeter, agent, black marketeer, bond crowd, bootlegger, broker, businessman, businesswoman, chandler, curb broker, distributor, drug pusher, floor broker, floor trader, floorman, gray marketeer, importer, jobber, marketer, merchandiser, merchant, middleman, monger, moonshiner, odd-lot dealer, pit man, pusher, racketeer, registered representative, regrater, retail dealer, retail merchant, retailer, salesman, sharebroker, shopkeeper, specialist, stock dealer, stock-exchange broker, stockbroker, stockjobber, storekeeper, supplier, trader, tradesman, tradeswoman, trafficker, two-dollar broker, vendor, wholesaler
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